Monday, October 22, 2007

Frey Cafe and Cacao

I noticed the Frey Supreme line of chocolate bars in the Target aisles a while back, but I've only just got around to trying them. They come in a wide range of flavors. I picked up the Cafe and Cacao, and I was going to get the Tiramisu, but decided to have some fun with the Hot Chili Pepper instead. I'll have a review of that one later.

The bars are 100 gram tablets. They are rather thin, which I think gives them a nice snap. They are split into 10 pieces, so it's easy to snap pieces off to share. A serving size is four squares (so 2.5 servings per tablet). One serving of the Cafe and Cacao is 210 calories.

The Cafe and Cacao is supposed to be "extra fine milk chocolate with coffee and crispy cocoa nibs." That's right up my alley; I love nibby bars and coffee flavor. So, naturally, I ripped this open as soon as I got into my car and ate half of it for lunch (healthy, I know). The rest of it disappeared over the course of the next day, so I'm writing this from memory. This also means that I don't have any pictures, which I'll try to include in the future.

The bar smells like a sweet hazelnut coffee, and upon checking the ingredients I see there are ground hazelnuts in there (another favorite of mine). The chocolate is sweet and milky with a fairly creamy texture. The coffee comes through, but not overwhelming so. It's definitely sweetened by the hazelnuts. I really enjoyed the texture of this bar. While the chocolate is creamy, the cacao nibs (and I suppose the ground hazelnuts) give it a nice crunch and an extra chocolate punch.

Now, I am biased towards this bar because it combines some of my favorite flavors, especially coffee, which I don't think is used enough in candy. So my final rating?

Rating: 8/10

Name: Cafe and Cacao
Brand: Frey
Store: Target
Price: $1.66


Cakespy said...

Hey! Thank you for making a comment on my blog. But even more, thank you for your fantastic blog--I think we are soul sisters perhaps? I recently went on a tour of a Seattle chocolate company so now anything with nibs is right up my alley.

Alicia said...

cakespy: Thanks for the comment! I'm jealous of your tour; it must have been fun! Coincidentally, I came across the Seattle Chocolate Company just last week when I found some of their truffle bars in the store. I haven't tried them yet, but I'll be getting to them as soon as I finish my Halloween goodies. One is a nibby bar..

Anonymous said...

Right out of college I worked at a winery that sold milk chocolate bars with espresso beans in them. I swear, I spent half my paycheck on those things! Since then, I have been searching EVERYWHERE for the combination of MILK chocolate and espresso beans. Everyone pairs dark chocolate and espresso beans, but if you like cream in your coffee, that combo is a bit bitter. Here I am, 13 years later, doing an internet search for the elusive candy bar of my dreams and found your post. I'm headed to Target tomorrow! Thankfully (or unfortunately for my waistline) my paychecks are bigger now... Yum!